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Pop Up Galleries Comin Soon...

In 2023 Carl's work will be on view at different pop up galleries and a few chosen pieces at local galleries. A new webpage will soon be created to let you know which art is where...


CastleArt, Gallery, Newcastle-under-Lyme (UK)

Group Exhibition

MAY 2021

Collaborative Art Exhibition

Abstract / Local Scenes / Landscapes.

The Art Studio Gallery - Newcastle-under-Lyme (UK)

Solo Exhibition - Vantage Point Art Show

June 2019

Bringing together three personal subjects; my home town Stoke-on-Trent and its old factory buildings, unusual skies and astronomy. During my research I was amazed at how many different styles of factories there were including bottle-kiln ovens, chimneys, warehouses and their arrangements to each other - making each factory unique in its macro skyline. As for the skies I have experimented with fluid acrylics produced by controlling the paints in such a way as to form visually stunning pieces. The skies then flow into the immense backdrop  of our galaxy in what I all Universal roots –referring to all the building blocks of life and our planets materials including clay. It is very rewarding work in the end.

The Art Studio Gallery, Newcastle-under-Lyme (UK)

Solo Exhibition - ICON Head Vibes

June 2017           

ICON Head Vibe & Abstracts

August (Opening Day 2-4pm) to 16th September 2017 excluding Bank Holidays.

The ICON heads range of portraits presented.

Zest Café Bistro, Stoke-on-Trent

July 2016

Selection of original artwork presented


John Hunt Gallery, Leek

July 2006

The Art Studio Gallery, Newcastle-under-Lyme (UK)

All Works of Art

May 2016            

First ever solo exhibition presented at teh gallery.

The Sentinel Newspaper

May 2006            

Article about Carl Philip


June 2002           

Show @ Comca Gallery, Manchester      


June 2002           

Sarah Dwyer Collaboration @ Churasco's Wine Bar, Stone-on-Trent

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